Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October favourties 2013!

This month I have been loving using these 3 haircare products. These are the toni&guy reconstructive shampoo, conditioner and mask. Since day one of using these products I have noticed a massive difference in how my hair looks, they make my hair so shiny and super soft. My favourite from the bunch has to the mask, this has been really helping keep my dry ends in good order. I will be defitnley repurchasing this at one point but first I want to try some bits from Tigi!

This has been a favourite of mine for a long time but this month I have been on top of my skincare and remembering to use this everyday! This is the Avene extremely gentle cleanser. It is a tissue of formula so no need to use water on the face which is great for people who have sensitive skin! I use this every morning and it helps to settle my sensitive skin and make sure my skin is lovely and clean prior to makeup application. I still use my clinique TTDO cleansing balm at night.

I haven't been using too much makeup this month so this is the only bit I have consistently. I wont go on too much as I have recently done a post on this. But in a nutshell it is a buttery, glossy lipstick that I have been using everyday. It is in the shade Berry smoothie and is a medium pinky berry tone, gorgeous!

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Revlon lip butter: Berry smoothie review!

When I was in boots the other day I saw that the revlon lip butters had £2 off, Berry smoothie is a shade I have been wanting for quite some time now but never got round to purchasing it. With the discount I couldn't say no and in my basket it went. I'm so glad I picked it up as it has become a staple in my every day makeup ever since. The lipsticks come in plastic packaging and each shade is the same on the lipstick as it is on the packaging, which I've always thought was pretty cool! Lip butters are so smooth and creamy and have fantastic pigmentation. The colour I picked up is berry smoothie which is a gorgeous rasberry pink shade, it is such a lovely neutral colour but adds some colour to my lips. One thing I really like about revlon lip butters is that the color can be built up, apply one swipe for a wash off colour or build up for a more intense shade. 

Top- one swipe
Bottom- several swipes

Do you own any lip butters? Which one is your favourite?

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Clinique take the day off cleansing balm review!

Today I'm going to be talking a product that almost every beauty blogger owns. This is Clinique's version of a cleansing balm and works wonderfully. If you've never heard of a cleansing balm before they are hard, like lard texture but once they come into contact with skin they melt into an oil. Unlike other cleansing balms Clinique's is 100% fragrance free, so great for us sensitive skin girls (and guys)! I had never tried a cleansing balm before this but I am well and truly hooked now! They feel so relaxing at night time massaging the product into the skin and the product really dissolves all the makeup away, even waterproof mascara! My skin feels so clean afterwards but it doesn't feel like it's been stripped off any oils! Clinique's TTDO cleansing balm will cost you £21 which is quite a bit for a cleanser but it isn't the most expensive out there and really is worth the price! I highly recommend this product is you're on the lookout for a cleansing balm and also if you have sensitive skin!

Have any of you tried this cleansing balm? Or any others?

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Friday, 18 October 2013

I went shopping: Dorothy Perkins, Primark, Boots & More!

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well! Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I've been so busy with work and also college I've barley had time to think! Today I am going to show you a few bits I brought when I went shopping recently.

The first shop I went to was Dorothy Perkins. My Dorothy Perkins is located in a BHS which is where I work, a majority of the time when BHS have sales so will Dorothy Perkins. They had some really great deals with lots of things having 20-30% off their price tag, I also managed to use my staff discount which meant I got some really good bargains!

When you love a dress why not get it in both colours? I love how versatile these dresses are, they can be dressed with heels or throw on some tights and boots and your set to go on a winters day! These are £19 originally but at the time had 30% off so they were about £13 each.

The weathers starting to get a little colder so I thought it was about time I started to get some more jumpers. I don't normally like glitzy things but I absolutly adore the gems on this jumper, This was originally £20 but had 10% off so was £18. How cute are the little cat whiskers on the other jumper I got? I fell in love with this jumper as soon as I saw it! This was oringally £22 but had 20% so was around £17.

These wedges were in the sale for £15 and I just couldn't resist! They aren't too high and are so comfy, I can't wait to wear these on an night out!

I then wen't into Miss Selfridge and got just a couple of simple tops, They were £8 each or 2 for £12. I only have one to show as the other is in the wash! I got one in a forest green colour and the other in a mid blue colour. These are great just to wear with leggings!

I went to primark and got some knickers and these tights. These are the super cosy tights and they really are so comfy! They have a fleece lining which makes them so warm, I love wearing these in the winter!

Lastly I went to boots and got a couple of beauty products.

I got a Revlon lip butter in the shade Berry Smoothie and Sugar crush scrub by soap and glory. The scrub smells so heavenly, to me it smells really limey but with a hint of vanilla thrown in there!

Thank you so much for reading!