Wednesday, 10 April 2013

L'oreal false lash telescopic mascara review

I have been using this mascara for the past 6 months and I absolutely love it! As you can see from the photo above it has a thin and plastic wand, this really helps with definition and making sure the lashes don't go clumpy. This mascara gives my lashes so much length and creates a small amount of volume. I have included some photo's below so you can see what the mascara looks like on the lashes.

These are my bare lashes (sorry it's not in focus!)

This is one coat of mascara, even with just a thin coat you can create a nice amount of volume.

This is two coats of mascara, I prefer to do two coats as this creates the most length and volume for me.

This mascara is brilliant, I have it in the waterproof formula and it does not smudge all day! It's amazing! I can't comment on how well it would wear in say a swimming pool but I have been in the rain before and it hasn't budged one bit! I highly recommend you all check out this mascara as it is definitely my favourite. At£10.99 a tube I do think that it is a tad expensive but it is so worth it!

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