Thursday, 18 December 2014

My top 5 2014 memories

2014 has been a whirlwind of a year and I cannot wait to enter a new year and start completely afresh. Sometimes you can find that when you look back on what you've done for the past year you only think of the bad, well instead of dwelling on that I'm going to think of all the positive things that have happened and I think you all should too, conjure up your top 5 things that have happened and spill it into a blogpost!

1. Passing my driving test
When I was learning to drive I was really unconfident and it got to the point were I thought I was never going to pass! When my driving instructor said he was moving to Canada 4 weeks before my test and then got told by new instructor he didn't think I was ready and was going to pass made me even worse. On my driving test my examiner made small talk with me and so I asked him if he enjoyed his job, when he replied with no I thought oh dear he most defintley wont be passing me! When he turned around and said I had passed first time I was shocked and couldn't be happier. my confidence has grown so much, I've driven to london a few times and am planning on doing a longer journey soon!

My baby  <3

2. I went on Holiday
In June I went on my first girly holiday and it was amazing, i wont talk about this too much as I've already spoken about it quite a bit and don't want to bore you all! We spent most of the time drinking, sleeping and laughing, we came back with the most pathetic tan haha I wouldn't change a thing though I loved it so much and we have both said we would go back! 

3.turned 18
Also in June I turned 18, for my birthday I went to TGIFridays for a meal and it was super yummy! I went to Thorpe park the day before and that was so fun, I love theme parks even though I do get scared before I got on roller coasters! I really enjoyed my birthday and love being 18, so fun being able to go out drinking (I don't have drinking problems I promise!) or being fancy and having a glass of wine with dinner! I don't want to get older I want to be 18 forever please. 

4. Qualified beauty therapy
In may I Finished my beauty therapy college course, as much as I thoroughly enjoyed it I was so happy when I had finished. So nice to have finally passed and can now say I am qualified in both level 2&3! I now work at a salon and its so lovely meeting new people and chatting away to clients, always something to exciting happening!

5. Made new friends
Over the past year I have made some amazing friends, from the salon and through other people. The girls from the salon are so lovely and we all get on so well, I am so lucky to have met them and have them in my life! One of my best friends Kieran I met in the summer and we clicked instantly, we always have such a laugh when we do stuff together and he has been there for me through a lot of tough times! 

I have really enjoyed writing this post, it keeps you positive and makes you realise all the good things in life. 

Thank you so much reading

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