Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Moving on...

Hello everyone!

I really hope you are all doing well and haven't forgotten me! I'm sorry I havent been around much this year has been so crazy for me with lots going on and with the little time I did have to blog I had no motivation at all! It's such a shame as I love blogging and love the community. My friend has just started a blog on wordpress and it has given me the motivation to start again! 

I am going to be moving to wordpress as I love the layouts on there and it seems much easier to use! I will have exactly the same name but just a differen't url. I would really apprecieate if you could all go over and follow me please! I'm going to keep this blog up and running for a bit but eventually once everyone has moved over onto my new blog I will shut this one down!

My new url is (click here)

Thank you all for sticking by me!

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