Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I went shopping! #2

Me and my mum went shopping recently at a shopping center near us, it was only meant to be a short look around but as usual I took forever looking around the shops and 4 hours had passed! I'm really happy with the bits I got and thought you all might like to have a little look at what I got!

Botanics eye makeup remover- £3.99
This is my favourite product for removing my eye makeup and my waterproof mascara!

Soap and glory feel good factor- £12
I haven't had chance to use this yet but as I'm going to Greece in a few weeks I thought this would be good to get. My skin is quite sensitive so I didn't want to be putting an old sun tan lotion on it, as this is specific for the face I thought it would be good.

Avene extremely gentle cleanser- £8
Last time my skin was going through a sensitive stage I used this cleanser and it really helped my skin get better so I'm hoping it will help again.

Collection concelar- £3.99
Balmi lip balm- £4.99

LUSH Love Lettuce- £5.95
I only like to get this product every once in a while as I think they are quite expensive for how long it lasts. Like I said above I am going on holiday in a few weeks so I want to make my skin perfect before the holiday!

First shorts- £16.25
Second shorts- £12.75
First place I went was forever 21, I love the shorts I got so much! I really wanted to get a classic denim short as these go with so much, I think the white crochet adds a really nice touch and is so cute. The second  pair are bright blue and so fun! 

Maxi dress- £12
This dress is so flattering and it sits by my ankles so doesn't scrape along the floor.

New Look Crop top- £6.99

The next few bits I got are from Matalan-

Boobtube- £6

Beach cover up- £6

Trousers- £12
I am wearing these in my most recent OOTD

I then got some shoes from Primark

Sandals- £4

Thought it would be good for you to see them on

Sandals- £3.50

I also got a pair in Lilac as you can see! These aren't the most sturdy but for £3.50 I couldn't resist!

I will be doing some outfit posts in these clothes in the future so keep an eye out for them! 
Hope you all enjoyed having a look at what I got.

Thank you for reading!


  1. I just bought the collection 2000 concealer today after hearing good reviews on blogs, can't wait to try it out tomorrow!

    Love the sandals too, they're so pretty!


    1. such a great concealer, I hope you like it!! and I thought they were just too good value to not buy! Thanks for reading

      Georgina xx