Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Boyfriend Tag

It's my boyfriends birthday today so I thought what better thing to do then the boyfriend tag, I have seen so many of these on youtube but I thought I would bring it to the blogger world! Instead of my boyfriend just answering the questions about me I'm going to answer the questions about him as well. So I thought it would be good to tell you a little bit about us. My boyfriend lives in the west midlands and I live in essex, we have a long distance relationship. My boyfriend plays games and met this guy called Alasdair on xbox, they quickly became friends and had been talking for about 3 years when they finally decided to meet up, Alasdair went up to the west midlands so it was Graham's turn to come to essex. Now where I fit into this is that I am friends with Alasdair and was friends with him before I met Graham. Alasdair decided to have a halloween party and invited Graham along, so he came down for the week. I also went to the same party and that is how we met, we started talking and now have been in a relationship for over a year. We skype almost everyday and I get to see him during college holidays. 

My boyfriend and I

Onto the questions!

1. She's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?
Graham- That's a tricky one as Georgina doesn't watch tv much but I'd say Pretty little liars or come dine with me.
Me- If lord of the rings was on the tv then that would be his number one choice but other then that he would probably be watching something random, possibly family guy or sometimes even a reality show. 

2. You're out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
Graham- She rarley eats salad but if she does she will have honey mustard.
Me- Graham doesn't really eat salad but I'm gonna go with mayonnaise or salad cream, I'm probably completely wrong! 

3. Whats one food she doesn't like?
Graham- As far as I can remember there isn't a food she doesn't like, she'll eat anything.
Me- He hates oranges!

4. You go out to eat and have a drink what does she order?
Graham- Diet coke.
Me- Probably coke.

5. What size shoe does she wear?
Graham- size 7.
Me- He wears a size 13/14 but most sometimes has to squeeze his feet into size 12 as not every store goes that far.

6. If she was collecting anything what would it be?
Graham- Definitely makeup or Russian dolls. 
Me- Some sort of old game player, Graham loves the idea of collecting old game players and then in the future selling them for a lot of money. 

7. What is her favorite type of sandwich?
Graham- Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich.
Me- In school he used to have a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich so I'm gonna go with that!

8. What would she eat everyday if she could?
Graham- Jacket potatoe and beans everyday 
Me- Graham tends to go through certain phases of being obsessed with certain foods so I'm just gonna say what ever food he is obsessing over at the time! 

9. What is her favorite cereal?
Graham- curiously cinnamon.
Me- He likes shredded wheat with about 10 spoonfuls of sugar! (more like 4 but I like to exaggerate!)

10. Whats her favourite music?
Graham- She likes a Variety of music
Me- Graham has quite a vast range of music he likes!

11. Whats her favourite sports team?
Graham- Doesnt have a favourite sports team or any one who is winning.
Me- Aston villa.

12. Whats her eye color?
Graham- Her eye colour is hazely brown. 
Me- Green!

13. Who's her best friend?
Graham- best friend is someone called hannah
Me- Alasdair or Tate

14. What is something you do that she wishes you wouldnt?
Graham- Biting my nails.
Me- Winds me up, He knows exactly what annoys me!

15. Whats her heritage/where she's from
Graham- England 
Me- England

16. You bake her a cake for her bday what kind of cake?
Graham- Well I can't cook so it would be something really simple.
Me- Probably chocolate.

17. Did she play any sports?
Graham- She used to play netball in school.
Me- Used to be in the rowing team, used to play cricket. He plays golf from time to time. 

18. What could she spend hours doing?
Graham- Doing  her makeup!
Me- Staring at me ;) Only joking, hmm I'm gonna go with playing games.

19. What is one unique talent she has?
Graham- Instant creativity when it comes to makeup.
Me- He can whistle like an owl!

So there you have it! I just want to wish my boyfriend a Lovely birthday and to say that I love you!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awww this is adorable!!! You both sounds like such a cute couple xxx

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