Thursday, 16 May 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Review

Yesterday I was in boots and used the machine thingy (good description!) to check if I had any special offers. I had a few useless ones but one of them was £2 of any lipstick or mascara. I had been wanting to get another balm stain from revlon for ages so thought this was the perfect time to get one, also I had enough boots points so I didn't even have to spend any money! Oh how I love boots. So I promise you this isn't a post on how much I love boots it is in fact about my new lipstick. If you read my other post on the other colour I have in 'Lovesick' then you will know how much I love it! I always want my lip products to stay on for a long time so these are perfect for me, there are so many things I love about these products I thought I would make a list!

1. I love the twisty up packaging, no need to use a sharpener!
2. I love how the packaging matches the colour that the stain is.
3. They go on really easily and are very moisturising!
4. They last a long time! Now as this is a lighter colour it doesn't last as long as say my Lovesick one but for a nude it does last a pretty good amount of time!

My only bad point about these products is that they smell strongly of mint, the scent does go away after about 5 minutes so it doesn't bother me but I know it will bother some people who don't like scents! 

Enough blabbering onto the swatches!

Now this lipstick was an absolute bugger to photograph, for some reason I just couldn't quite seem to get the colour across in a photo! The colour of this lipstick is pretty much exactly like the second photo, it is a pinky nude colour, perfect if your a neutral girl or are wearing dark colours on the eye. I will warn you though if you apply this heavily it does start to have a hint of mauve in it! Overall I am so glad I brought this lipstick and I am looking at getting some of the darker colours at a later date!

Thanks for reading!

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