Sunday, 5 May 2013

My wishlist #1

I have seen a few of these floating around the blogger world and found them really interesting to read! I love seeing what other people want and also what the newest thing everyone is drooling over. Clearly I am just very nosy! I picked six of the most recent things I really want to get and thought I would share them with you today.

1.  Emma Hardie amazing face natural lift and sculpt moringa cleansing balm. Could that name get any longer?! I have heard so many people rave about this product and I think it would be such an interesting thing to try as its a balm rather then a regular liquid cleanser. 

2. Ted baker small wash bag. First of all I love the colour of this bag, second how cute is that bow? I love the look of this bag as its so colouful and cute looking! 

3. Bumble and bumble sunday shampoo. Lately when I have been washing my hair it still feels dirty afterwards, almost as if it isn't being washed properly. After looking up numerous reviews on youtube this product sounds like the perfect thing! It's a shampoo that you use once a week and its meant to get rid of product build up and thoroughly clean the hair. 

4. Topshop cat top. How cute is this top?! I love it so much, I think it would look really nice with a pair of leggings and sandals or even converse.

5. New look sandals. As Summer is coming up I want to get some new sandals, I like the look of these ones as they don't have that annoying toe bit that always hurt the inside bit of my toe! 

6. Tigi S factor smoothing shampoo. This is another product I have been seeing on youtube lately and I really want to try this! It is meant to be a hydrating and smoothing shampoo and supposedly smells of strawberries and cream, who wouldn't want their hair to smell like that?

So there you have it, a few things I have been lusting over lately!

Thank you for reading!

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